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Tornado in Texas

Weather & Tornado Links

Storm Track Home Page
Keep up-to-date on storm systems and tornadic storms across the US.
FEMA - Tornado Fact Sheet
All you need to know about tornadoes and safety tips in case one comes calling.
Harry King's Home Page
This is a very good site for those windy days.
Storm Prediction Center
A good site to see what is brewing during the tornado season.
Weathernet: Weather Cam
An up-to-date picture of weather patterns in all parts of the country!

The Wonders of Nature
Pahoehoe or pillow lava

There are so many nature-related sites that are all worth a look-see, but I haven't got enough space to give all of them special mention. However, I have tried very hard to fit as many fascinating and diverse places as possible to keep an interesting mix of things to see. I hope you will find all these subjects as scary, informative, fun and amazing as I do! As times change, and sites don't, this list will get updated. But for learning all you can about tornadoes, weather, volcanoes, geology, astronomy, etc., this page can't be beaten!

I have been fascinated by meteorology, vulcanology, earth sciences, marine biology and astronomy ever since I can remember. All of these things tell us not only about the world we live in, but about how we live in relationship to it. People tend to lose their self-importance when a volcano erupts unexpectedly and treats its nearby inhabitants in the same uniformly unfair way. Everyone suddenly becomes much more like the next person when a tornado rips through their town. We are a part of the earth, and all the things that affect it affect us.

Explosive Volcanic Sites

Hawaiian Volcanoes
The latest happenings on Kilauea and related vents
Loihi Update Page
The page to go to learn all about Hawaii's youngest volcano.
Ruapehu Volcano Cam
A great site to see a volcano in action - when Ruapehu is active!
Everything for the layman and the geologist - start with beginner info, and work your way up to expert level!
Volcano Index by Country
Have a favourite country you would like to look for volcanoes on? Look to this site for that information!
The Electric Volcano
This is an excellent volcano site, and you can subscribe for volcanic updates around the world. Definitely a favourite!
A site devoted to the volcano that rose in nine weeks, and lived for nine years.
Soufriere Hills Volcano

General Geology Links
A Geologist's Lifetime Field List
A very good site for a list of many different geological things to see.
Highest Tides in the World
All the information one could want about the Bay of Fundy and its amazing tides.
Richard Huish Geology Home Page
Another wonderfully info-packed site.
West's Geology Directory
More incredible images and link information to soak you brain cells in - surf through here to find many different geological finds.

Astronomy Sites

University of Hawaii - Institute of Astronomy
A great location for seeing what is new in the Heavens.
Eclipse Gallery
This site has some beautiful images of various eclipses.
Hale Bopp Comet
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